Personal Presentation 3º

Como ya sabéis, para el speaking debéis hablar de vosotros durante 1 minuto. Para ello ya hemos practicado en clase, pero os pongo un ejemplo muy completo por si os sirve de ayuda. Podéis contar lo que queráis, esto es sólo un ejemplo.

Recordad prepararlo en un papel y practicarlo antes. Lo vais a hacer fenomenal. ¡Ánimo!

Good morning. I am Joe, I’m 12 years old and I’m a student. I’m in 8th grade. I study in Roosevelt Primary School.
I’m from Brazil but right now I live in the USA.
I have 2 brothers and a sister. My brothers are Carlos and Mattias and my sister is Giovanna. My parents are Luisa and Johan.  We live in a big house and we have a dog.
In my spare/free time, I like going to the movies. I love action movies. My favorite movie is Transformers.
I like music too. I like electronic music. My favorite artist is Linkin Park.
My favorite room in the house is the garden and my bedroom, but I don’t like cleaning it. It is always dirty.
My favorite sport is football; my favorite football player is Ronaldiño Gaucho. He is awesome!
I like reading but I don’t read very much. So, I don’t have a favorite book.
I like traveling a lot. I want to travel to Cancun, I love going to the beach!
My favorite food is Feijoada, it is delicious.

I love English because I like the pronunciation of words… the sound is really good.

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